for Stainless Steel, Copper Wires, Wire Glass and other metals separation

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COGELME Sensor Sorter allows you to recover all metals

that cannot be separated by magnetic separators or Eddy current separator, like stainless steel and composite metals, wire glass from.

You can use the Sensor Sorter with: shredded / grinded waste, plastic waste, e-waste, electronic scrap, wood chips, glass waste, bulk material and wherever stainless steel has to be recovered.

Induction sorting system of COGELME is highly precise and versatile, engineered with different option ranges it increases recovered metals quantity and sorted valuable materials quality.


Perfect for ALL MATERIAL dimensions, from 5 to 400 mm
COGELME Sensor sorter is designed to assure simple and comfortable use, as well as minimal maintenance and to guarantee you a smooth and profitable materials processing every day.


Available an alternative system for the separation of the Stainless Steel

It is a special COGELME Super Magnet able to separe Stainless Steel from medium and fine inert fraction of other material (ex. plastic, wood, etc.).


You can receive more qualified information from our experts.

They will guide you through technology capabilities for your personal case and make separation trials with your materials.


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For STAINLESS STEEL you can also consider our SUPER-MAGNETS

The Super-Magnet is often a valid alternative to the Sensor Separator, it is in fact able to capture and separate most of the types of stainless steel present in other materials, in particular in plastic and other metals.

The separation is constant, precise and reliable even for very small stainless steel.

Contact us if you are interested to a test with your material !


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